Waterfront Marina


On June 5, 2023 at a “Special City Commission Meeting” initiated by the City Administration, the commission reviewed proposals from 2 applicants, to build a City Marina.

During this meeting, the Commission had several options to consider, including halting the process, requesting more information, postponing the decision, issuing a standard Request for Proposal (RFP) for more proposals, or proceeding with the evaluation and selection of applicants. The public was not permitted to speak at this public meeting. There was no public notice.

By a vote of 5 to 1, with downtown Commissioner Fox voting “no” due to a lack of public input, the City Commission chose to move forward and selected the original applicant, City Harbor LLC, as the first choice.

The proposed marina, for 84 boat slips for yachts up to 150ft, would encompass the current public docks and require a marina office building as well as a loading/valet area, most likely located in part of the current linear park along the waterfront.

For more details please visit Protect the Downtown WPB Waterfront on Facebook.

Get Engaged Criteria for Community Value

❌ Does it serve existing West Palm Beach residents?
❌ Does it preserve West Palm Beach Natural Resources (waterfronts, natural areas and parks)?
❌ Was the process address a community need?
❌ Was the process driven by the community?
❌ Is it supported by the West Palm Beach Comprehensive Plan?




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