Our Mission

West Palm Beach has a dynamic and growing residential and business community. Over the years, citizens have become disengaged from taking part in civic discussions, and from having the opportunity of challenging the direction the city is heading.

The effects of that disengagement can be seen in the following ways: 1. Low voter turnout in most neighborhoods. 2. Low real-life engagement at City Commission meetings. 3. Lack of candidates for election. 5. Lack of adequate discussion on the Commission dais and too many unanimous votes following the Mayor / Staff proposals. 


Get Engage WPB is a long-term political activist organization focused on reversing the current direction of the city through Advocacy, Transparency, and Community Engagement.

Why This?

The Facebook group Engage WPB provides a forum for citizens to discuss local issues, but casual discussion of issues after the fact, does not cause change.

Creating meaningful and long-lasting change has to be a deliberate action. It has to have a goal and can’t be reactionary in its purpose. It’s not a one-man-show, but takes planning, leadership, funding and community buy-in and support.

How will we accomplish it?

Short term goals:

  • Provide real-time updates on City Council and Board Meeting agendas, including DDA and CRA, via email, e-blasts & Social Media
  • Build a mailing list of concerned WPB citizens who want to be involved.
  • Build an organization of concerned citizens and Board of Directors
  • Create fundraising opportunities to build and grow a strong advocacy group.

Long term goals:

  • Increase voter turnout
  • Encourage and financially support residents to run for office (no more uncontested seats)
  • Engage in tactical advocacy with the focus on increasing the engagement of the City Government. This could look like ballot referendum initiatives, active engagement in Charter Reviews, etc.