City Budget 2019


Taxable Value: $12,706,561,763
Millage Rate: 8.3465
City Revenue: $186 million

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The City’s certified taxable property values increased $812 million, or 6.83%, to reach $12,706,561,763.

New construction projects added to the tax roll amounted to $146.8 million.

Maintained millage rate at 8.3465 mills levied on every $1,000 in taxable property value.

Fire Department increased $1.5 million due to employee raises, increased pension costs, 3.75 F.T.E. Firefighters no longer funded through grants, and overtime trigger changed from 159hrs to 144hrs per union contract.

Police Department increased $1.7 million due to employee raises, overtime, lease payments on police vehicles, and contracts for Real Time Crime Center and technology. Overtime for School District Contract is offset by equal revenue.

Mayor’s Office increased $.5 million due to one new position, employee raises, Communications and Marketing, added funding for increases in election absentee ballot costs and economic development to support job creation and emphasize business expansion and retention.

Parks and Recreation increased $.5 million due to employee raises, added one position and Park repairs and maintenance services.

Public Works increased $1.6 million due to employee raises and minimum wage adjustments, adding 8 positions, new routing program contracts, and equipment leases; offset by $1.1 million additional revenue from garbage, recycling and hauling fees.

General Government increased $.5 million due to adding $.3 million to VEBA trust reserve for non-public safety employees, a reduction of $(.7) million in transfers to other funds for City self insurance, a reduction of $(.1) million for contribution to balance the waterfront Programming Fund, an increase of $1 million for contingency funding,.

The City utilized a $4.3 million carryover from FY 2018 to balance FY 2019.

A net of twenty four Full-Time Equivalent (FTE’s) positions were added to the General Fund since the adopted FY 2018 budget, bringing the total General Fund employees to 1,125.




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